During XIX SIPO International Festival, Lorenzo Pone has been referred by Paul Badura-Skoda as his artistic heir, which makes him the youngest musical descendant of a lineage leading directly back to Ludwig van Beethoven.

Hailed by critics for his “outstanding quality of sound”, Lorenzo Pone made his debut as a soloist at the prestigious Teatro di San Carlo of Naples. Winner in 2013 of the international Prize RTP Antena 2, promoted by National Portuguese RadioTelevision, three of his recitals in Lisbon have been live broadcasted across Europe and his interpretation of Prokofiev’s Visions Fugitives has been acclaimed as a sample of warm and singing sound. In 2011 Paul Badura-Skoda announced him as an asset for the European pianistic tradition on the italian magazine “La Ballata”, remarking how Lorenzo is highly considered as a fine interpreter of Mozart, Schubert and Chopin and in 2013 he referred Lorenzo Pone as his artistc heir while introducing his awarding recital at XIX SIPO International Festival. Lorenzo has been invited to perform as a soloist in Moscow at Tschaikovsky Conservatory and in Vienna at Laudon Konzertsaal and Gesellschaft für Musiktheater. His recent performances included venues as UFMG of Belo Horizonte (Brazil), Auditorium Vila Viçosa (Évora, Portugal), Russia Institute of London (UK) and Associazione Alessandro Scarlatti (Naples). Lorenzo has been particularly acclaimed, as a winner of Rome International Piano Competition in 2011 for his Bach and Liszt interpretations as well as a winner of the London Gateway’s in 2017.


“I consider Lorenzo Pone as one of the best pianists of his generation. He plays with a fine understanding of the style of the great composers, with intelligence and sensitivity.”

Paul Badura-Skoda

La Ballata

Both as a pianist and composer, Lorenzo’s musical activity has attracted enthusiastic critical acclaims: Harry Saltzman of the New York Times declared himself impressed by his interpretation of Mozart and his compositions are regularly premiered and recorded in France, UK, Germany and his native Italy.

After having being awarded distinction for his graduation at Conservatory San Pietro a Majella of Naples under the guidance of distinguished Italian teacher Francesco Mariani, where he also studied Composition, Lorenzo Pone is currently getting a new Master’s in Historical Piano at Universität Mozarteum of Salzburg with Wolfgang Brunner, while regularly studying since 2011 under the guidance of Paul Badura-Skoda. In 2018 Lorenzo has been awarded of a scholarship which allows him to get an Artist Diploma at Royal College of Music in London. As a composer Lorenzo Pone has been commissioned by Associazione Alessandro Scarlatti of Naples, ACIMC of Paris as well as from soloists as Elise Douylliez, Ciro Longobardi and Guido Arbonelli. As a member of the avant-garde group puntoOrg, since 2012 his works have been published by ESN (Italy) and he has been invited to lecture as Guest Professor at Ca’ Fóscari University of Venice and Federico II University of Naples. His activity also included seminars and masterclasses at Villa Medici (Milan) and Conservatory San Pietro a Majella of Naples. Particular attention has been paid to his re-discovery of Louis Durey, unknown member of French group Les Six, since in 2013 he premiered Durey’s piano music at SIPO International Piano Festival in Portugal. For the season 2018/19 he is scheduled for concerts as a soloist in UK, Austria, Germany, South Korea, Russia, China, Canada and France.

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“A really impressive musical maturity: none nowadays can play such an unforgettable Mozart.”

Harry Saltzman

The New York Times


THE LISBON RECITAL: Lorenzo Pone plays three encores

The forgotten member of Les Six: Louis Durey’s Préludes op. 26

Lost sounds I: Rachmaninov on a period piano

Music and evocation: Lorenzo Pone’s Four Japanese Songs

Mozart’s piano testament: Variations in F Major KV613

The art of singing at the piano: Prokofiev’s Visions Fugitives op. 22

Lost sounds II: Chopin on a period piano

The magic of pedalling: Chopin’s Nocturne op. 15 n. 3


April 18th – 11am

LONDON, Royal College of Music / Farinelli Room

Works by F. J. Haydn

Lorenzo Pone, piano

piano Anton Walter 1795 (copy by Paul McNulty)

April 24th 2018 – 7pm

SALZBURG, Universität Mozarteum / Solitär

Works by J. Field and F. Chopin

Lorenzo Pone, piano

piano Conrad Graf 1840 (copy by Robert Brown)

April 30th 2018 – 8pm

BERLIN, Kapelle am Urban

Works by Lorenzo Pone, Bernardo Sannino and Enzo Caterino 

prémiére of Lorenzo Pone Entre l’ombre et la lumière, for cello and piano

Virginia Cimmino, soprano

Marta Masini, flute

Maria Laskowska, violin

Enzo Caterino, cello

Gennaro Musella, piano

Penned in Paris in 2011 and recently revised in London, Entre l’ombre et la lumière is a homage to French composer Georges Auric. The prémiére will be hold by former Berliner Symphoniker cellist Enzo Caterino and distinguished pianist Gennaro Musella, member of Pragma Piano Trio. The title, literally “between shadow and light” refers to the atmosphere of the piece, continuously tensed between violence and lyricism. The work will be performed within a program also featuring other Neapolitan composers as Bernardo Sannino and Enzo Caterino himself.

May 18th 2018 – 4pm

SALZBURG, Wiener-Saal

Works by F. J. Haydn and R. Schumann
Maria Hegele, mezzo / Vinicius Gomes, violin / Dylan Baraldi, cello / Lorenzo Pone, piano


pianos Michael Rosenberger 1801 and Conrad Graf 1840 (copies by Robert Brown)

May 24th 2018 – 4pm

SALZBURG, Universität Mozarteum / Kleines Studio

Works by C. P. E. BachF. J. Haydn and W. A. Mozart
Lorenzo Pone, piano

June 2nd 2018 – 12am

LINZ, Schloss Kremsegg

Works by W.A. Mozart, L. v. Beethoven, R. Schumann and F. Chopin
Lorenzo Pone, piano

June 18th 2018 – 7pm

SALZBURG, Universität Mozarteum / Hammerklavier Saal

Works by L. GiustiniC. P. E. BachF. J. Haydn,W. A. MozartL. v. BeethovenR. Schumann and F. Chopin 
Lorenzo Pone, piano

October 10th 2018 – 7pm

SALZBURG, Universität Mozarteum / Solitär

Works by F. Schubert and F. Chopin 
Lorenzo Pone, piano

November 26th 2018 – 7pm

LONDON, St. Stephen’s Cathedral

Works by F. J. Haydn, W. A. Mozart, L. v. Beethoven and F. Chopin

Lorenzo Pone, piano

December 19th 2018 – 7pm

RIO DE JANEIRO, Guia dos Classicos

Works by Lorenzo PoneJohann Sebastian Bach, Antonio Vivaldi, and Nathan Milstein  

prémiére of Lorenzo Pone Trois Danses, for string orchestra
Nathan Amaral, violin
Tomas Soares, violin
Felipe Prazeres, violin
Marco Cato, viola
Matheus Cecatto, cello
Rodrigo Favaro, double bass
Eduardo Antonello, harpsichord and conductor

Lorenzo PoneTrois Danses, for string orchestra, got its world prémiére because of the generosity of Raphael Fonseca and the three ladies to whom the set is dedicated, Rosemarie Klin Vega, Maria Theresa De Lamare and Beatriz Kunning. Composed in 2017, the three shorts are a typical example of musique d’occasion, written and conceived as a gift, as a friendly hommage. Entitled, in the order, Sarabande, Cortège et Air de danse, the three pieces display a variety of attitudes and a taste for the typically French custum called “à la maniére de…“. The Sarabande is a meditative and caressful piece, where the harmony creates a suspended atmosphere; Cortège, or Française, is a tribute to the style of J. S. Bach; the final Air de danse, or Valse, it’s a varied waltz, where the echoes of Satie seem to hang hand by hand with the south-american languages and the film music.

March 27th 2019 – 7pm

LONDON, St. John Smith Square

Works by F. Chopin and C. Debussy

Lorenzo Pone, piano

March 28th 2019 – 7pm

LONDON, St. John Smith Square

Works by S. Rachmaninov and S. Prokof’ev

Lorenzo Pone, piano

April 9th 2019 – 11am

NAPLES, Conservatorio San Pietro a Majella – Sala Martucci

The icy face of Naples – a lecture about avant-gard piano music in Naples 

Contributions by: Lorenzo PoneMarta Columbro, Patrizio MarroneGaetano Panariello and Enrico Massa

Published in five episodes as an online format by the prestigious avant-gard review D.A.T., the article The icy face of Naples, written by Lorenzo Pone in 2018, focuses on several generations of composers who, from the 1970s to the first two decades of the new century dedicated to the piano a consistent amount of their production. From the obscure and enigmatic figure of Luciano Cilio, a pioneer active between 1950 and 1983, to the very proactive pianist-composer Girolamo De Simone, to Gabriele Montagano presented by Giacinto Scelsi as his own heir, the renowned composer Enrico Renna, the former Director of the historical Conservatory of Naples Patrizio Marrone and his established colleagues Luciano Tomei and Gaetano Panariello, to the new generaions including some of the avant-gard group puntOorg members such as Chiara Mallozzi and Bernardo Sannino and other remarkable personalities of the Neapolitan music scene as Claudio RighettiCosimo Abbate, Manuel ZitoEnzo Caterino and Carlo Schiano. Fifty years of piano music revealed, commented and analysed by Lorenzo Pone in his long article-essay, which will re-appear in October 2019 as a paper format and in its whole integrity on D.A.T. in English language. A special thanks goes to D.A.T. Director and Coordinator Antonio Mastrogiacomo and the whole Scientific Committee. 

April 13th 2019 – 7pm

OBIDOS (Portugal), Auditorium Casa da Musica

Works by: C. Debussy, F. Chopin, F. J. Haydn and L. v. Beethoven
Lorenzo Pone, piano

May 6th 2019 – 6pm

LISBON, Palaçio da Foz

Works by: F. J. Haydn, L. v. Beethoven, F. Chopin and C. Debussy
Lorenzo Pone, piano

August 1st 2019 – 7pm

OBIDOS (Portugal), Auditorium Casa da Musica

Works by: L. Giustini, F. Chopin and C. Debussy
Lorenzo Pone, piano

Live EuroRadio-broadcasted by:

RTP – Antena 2 (National RadioTelevision of Portugal)

August 4th 2019 – 7pm

BOMBARRAL (Portugal), Teatro Eduardo Brazao

Works by: L. GiustiniF. J. Haydn and F. Chopin

Lorenzo Pone, piano

August 5th 2019 – 7pm

SANTAREM (Portugal), Teatro Sa da Bandeira

Works by: L. v. Beethoven and C. Debussy
Lorenzo Pone, piano

September 6th 2019 – 8pm

VIENNA, Bank Austria Salon

Works by: L. Giustini, F. J. HaydnL. v. BeethovenF. Chopin and C. Debussy

Lorenzo Pone, piano

October 6th 2019 – 6pm

NAPLES, Teatro di San Carlo

Works by: L. GiustiniF. J. HaydnL. v. BeethovenF. Chopin and C. Debussy

Lorenzo Pone, piano

October 10th 2019 – 7pm

LISBON, RTP Antena 2 (National RadioTelevision of Portugal)

Works by: L. GiustiniF. J. HaydnL. v. BeethovenF. ChopinR. Schumann, C. Debussy and  M. de Falla

Lorenzo Pone, piano

Live EuroRadio-broadcasting by:

RTP – Antena 2 (National RatioTelevision of Portugal)

November 11th 2019 – 7pm

BOSTON, New England Conservatory

Works by: S. RachmaninovS. Prokof’ev and M. de Falla

Lorenzo Pone, piano


“Lorenzo Pone is an exemplary representative and a valuable asset for the whole European tradition of playing piano.”

Paul Badura-Skoda

La Ballata



As well as a flourishing concert schedule, Lorenzo has a thriving teaching career and is available for private functions and events.

Having taught in co-operation with his legendary mentor, Lorenzo is nowadays considered the youngest representative of both Viennese and Neapolitan tradition of playing piano and is extremely passionate into sharing his approach to the instrument with students who are seriously engaged into learning. Internationally acclaimed both for his outstanding technique and his uncommon musical qualities, Lorenzo represents the best option for students who aim to get in touch with a valuable and authoritative heritage.

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